Dementia: The Dangers of DIY

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We didn’t make our trip to Louth yesterday.  Once again the clothing crisis took its toll and Maureen spent large parts of the day sleeping off her frustration that her things had been stolen and replaced with unsuitable gear.  With time on my hands I pottered in the garden keeping in touch via the Baby Monitor. Maureen kept an eye on my progress by occasionally popping outside to check up on the Constant Gardener. Things went relatively well until complacency led me to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Our up an over garage door has not been moving as it should for a while.  It took me a while to realise that the problem needed an expert and I arranged for the man to come on Thursday morning.  Then I wasted over an hour seeing if I could do the job myself and Maureen paid a heavy price.

Towards the end of the afternoon Maureen woke thinking she had been neglected all day.  She charged off into the street to tell others that she had not been fed or watered.  Fortunately, Kate our next door neighbour was returning from walking her dog and intervened to good effect by applying TLC; including ushering Maureen back home.  There are clear lesson from this saga: my days of DIY are over and out of sight is no longer out of mind when your wife has dementia!

Maureen woke at 3 am this morning in despair that she ‘didn’t like it here without her mum’.  YouTube has been applied liberally and she has sang beautifully to some old favourites.  She has also been fed and watered.  Breakfast will be supplied, on demand, when she next wakes – I can’t risk losing my reputation for ‘doing a good job’!


2 thoughts on “Dementia: The Dangers of DIY

  1. In our home when things go missing it is the b fairies who have taken it – sometimes elves depending on the day. It is certainly never John.

    I am sure you will not lose your reputation! You have a great attitude when dealing with Maureen and have learnt to roll with the punches taking each day as it comes.


    1. Thanks for your kind comments Di but I’m currently punch drunk over the clothing crises. I’m going to contact our Care Agency shortly and suggest that carers have targets and report on progress after each session. I have to strive to keep my reputation of ‘doing a good job’ and if anyone else ‘blesses’ Maureen I will ask them to do a shift to see if that changes their perspective or relieves her cold!


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