Dementia: Seeking The Butterfly

Image result for Butterfly Emerging from Chrysalis pictures

My support session with Mel went well in yesterday morning as did contact with social services in the afternoon. Maureen’s feelings about Chloe being back were mixed.  She greeted her like an old friend but relayed concerns after she went on to her next call.

Maureen’s comment that she felt like she was living in a Care Home really rang home as we tidied up the washing line together.  It added to a something she said ealier on about being watched all the time.  She went on to say that she had lost her confidence and the constant surveillance was not helping at all.

I have been thinking about Maureen’s concerns: they are valid and require a considered response. My task is to create opportunities for her to regain her confidence and find purpose in her life.  Little wonder that she hates living here – feeling patronised in her own home.

Today provides an opportunity to start a new regime that is Maureen led.  I realise that it is difficult for her to make decisions, so I plan to suggest some simple options.  The test will be if I can slowly ease her forward  to regain aspects of her confidence.  If I get it right I know Maureen will come out of the shadows and astound those who see Prescribed Disengagement as the panacea for dementia.

I’m confident the butterfly will gradually emerge from her chrysalis!

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