Dementia: Another Pyjama Party

Image result for pyjama party picturesI too signed up for the the Pyjama Party last night and it paid off as we wandered around the night spots in Cleethorpes at midnight.  My attire was well received and I was struck by the kindness of the locals.  I hopefully eased the concerns of one doorman by mouthing that Maureen had dementia: goodness knows what he thought I had when he saw my attire.  The good news is that the place really comes to life tonight so the availability of company at midnight and beyond is even greater

We eventually managed to get some rest at 2.30 am with Maureen anxious that I shared her bed.  Her fear at the moment is paramount and it is possible that it is linked to the concern about being homeless.  One of her realities yesterday was that we had eloped to the coast together leaving our children in the care of our other halves.  She was at pains to tell me that we shouldn’t have let our hearts rule our heads and feared being thrown out when she confessed all.

Maureen son came to our rescue at 10.30 pm his response to my cry for help calmed his mum somewhat.  Just the sound of Colin’s voice seemed to relax Maureen but dementia meant that she soon forgot his short-term magic.  I have declined his offer to come over today as I’m hoping that Chloe may give us a foothold this morning.  She is back from holiday this morning as is Gail next week.  With Dianne here tomorrow I’m hoping that as the holiday period for Carers is drawing to a close we may reap the benefit.  However I need to say at this juncture both Hica and Hales our respective Care Agencies are pulling out all the stops to support us as Maureen’s condition continues to challenge us all.

I had an excellent meeting with Hica on Wednesday.  They have taken all of my concerns seriously and remedial action in the form of additional training is underway.  Sadie has pulled out all the stops in the last two weeks to ensure that replacement staff are known to Maureen and have experience and expertise in dealing with dementia. The one exception was Claire who came yesterday and she got on with Maureen like a house on fire.  Have to break off now as Maureen is awake and scared out of her wits again ……….something connected with people being burned on a train.  I’m hoping that tea and TLC will help her get back to sleep!

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