Dementia: Bananas In Pyjamas

Image result for bananas in pyjamas picturesMaureen often wears her pyjama trousers underneath her clothing: yesterday she went commando and revealed all.  For large periods of the day she was openly clad in pink and white checked pyjama pants.

We got off to a hilarious start to the day when she decided that it would be a good idea to cultivate bananas in our neighbours garden. On the second of the day, around 8 am, she lobbed a banana skin over our neighbours fence.  She returned to the house in hysterics over her antics.  Little did I realise at that stage how much  we would need several of our neighbours to get through the day unscathed.

I should have known early on that we were in for quite a day after posting Barrie’s birthday card.  When we returned from posting her brother’s card she thought we had arrived at his house in Nottingham.  She refused to get out of the car and slept in the passenger seat for a while as I remained vigilant by I tidying up the borders in the front garden.

In the afternoon I had to seek Kate’s intervention to enable us to get home in one piece. Maureen had taken off towards Grimsby following my medical appointment and nothing I could say could persuade her to get into the car.  I hate to think what would have happened if Kate hadn’t come to our rescue on such a warm day.

At 10 pm I returned downstairs from cleaning my teeth and there was no sign of Maureen.  I summoned help from two doors away and Zak and Lydia returned from their search empty handed.  Ten minutes later I saw Maureen making for home but lost her at a neighbour’s doorstep.  Paul and I  found her in his back garden excited to tell us she had been out ‘on an adventure’ – we wondered if she was secretly checking on the germination of the banana   She was keen to show me where she had been and to relay her disappointment that ‘none of the other girls would play with her’.

Maureen woke me at 2.30 am to say she was worried that she had lost the little boy who had been in her bedroom.  As I tried to console her she told me that her husband would be home from work soon.  She then slept in an armchair for a short while

At 6 am Maureen planned to make her way home then had a change of heart deciding it is a little cool to walk: not surprising when you are in your P J pants!  She is now sitting in a chair looking perplexed I have no idea what is going on or what to do.   The one thing she needs at the moment is rest and who knows who I’ll be when she wakes up.  I’m hoping that absenting myself by going upstairs will do the trick.

I’m hoping that Maureen’s cold is creating significant changes in her presentation.  We were warned early on that any infection creates havoc with her condition: only time will tell.


11 thoughts on “Dementia: Bananas In Pyjamas

  1. What a day. Thank goodness you have great neighbours. Mine are too! Don’t know what it would be like without them!

    You must be exhausted.

    Over there do you have any day clubs catering for people with Alzheimer’s? Over here we do. These are organised through our doctors etc. they only have a limited number in the group. They do all sorts of things in a fun and enjoyable way. Everything is geared towards helping to keep the brains active. All clubs have waiting lists. John loved it. It gave me a few hours for myself. I often met friends for coffee, went to appointments for various things, housework or to have a sleep. This could be great for you to give you a bit of time for yourself.

    It is a real worry when they start wandering. Panic stations!

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    1. Hi Di I’m ok thanks. Maureen has never been a joiner of groups and our first social worker may have put her off them for life with her clumsy approach. I’m very fortunate with 19 hours of sits a week and visits to family supported by Focus. I’m not sure Maureen wanders – she is generally looking for me when she has forgotten where I am but last night it was an adventure! .

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      1. The amazing bit simply refers to the respectful way you describe Maureen’s responses to situations. Those responses make your life very difficult (to put it mildly) some days. Yet, from what I have read, your attitude stays respectful. Perhaps you think it’s natural and don’t think you need kudos for that 😊 I am just blown away by it.


  2. That’s a day and a half!! Cheers to good neighbors and all the meditation you can get in. What bowls me over is how you define her behavior…you know the reason behind them and you refuse to label them…while addressing them. That’s amazing! Hope you get a good, long sleep soon.

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    1. I’m not sure I understand the amazing bit? Yesterday and early this morning presented further challenges that shed some light on the fear fractor of those who elope eventually have to face the music! We have and that’s why we have been together for 25 years!


      1. Amazing…because it is incredibly difficult some days, to put it mildly. Yet you refuse to label her. Of course you may want to give up some days…and some days you may take a step back, but you still understand and believe that there’s a perfectly logical explanation behind why Maureen does something. That’s person and relationship-centred. May be amazing isn’t the right word.


      2. I have been very fortunate with the support I continue to receive from all around the world. The articlate way Maureen decribed how she felt yesterday morning was amazing showing very clearly that her intellect is still intact: more on that very soon. Thank you so much for your support.

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