Dementia: DNA In Early Morning Action

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I had to apply DNA in large amounts at 2 am this morning when Mrs Dementia was in full flow: if I had absorbed Maureen’s vitriol I would never have got back to sleep.  My dear wife was letting me have it with both barrels as she believed she had washed and dried my clothes but couldn’t find any of her own.  It was one of those occasions when there was no point in challenging her reality: she can’t even remember how to use the washing machine.  After taking a verbal bashing for a while I made her a cup of tea and left her to it.  She clearly got bored with talking to an empty room as on my return I found her curled up in an armchair at the end of my bed.

I have changed the scenery in the lounge this morning and taken down her birthday cards as they have now been up for over a month.  They are adding to her confusion as she looks at them every day and tries to work out who her in laws are. I would doubt that she will notice anything different. However, she was pleased with a change of scenery yesterday when I put a red begonia in a pot that used to belong to her grandmother in a prime position in the lounge.

Maureen swollen stomach continues to concern me and is obviously a source of discomfort.  It is one of the causes of the clothing crisis as it is difficult for any clothing to fit in that area.  I’m going to try one or two dietary changes after advice from our Pharmacist yesterday: Yvonna thinks it is possible that my menus may be behind Maureen’s bloating  

I sent Elaine, yesterday’s carer on a shopping mission and she returned with some joggers that seem an excellent choice.  Unfortunately, Maureen has stashed them away somewhere and it may take them a while for them to surface.  I thought I knew where she hides things but my detective skill obviously need honing as she suddenly started wearing her distance glasses the other day and they have been missing for months. 

The weather forecast is typical for Bank Holidays with lots of rain expected.  I hope they are wrong and I can tempt Maureen to take some fresh air today.  Yesterday was a wash- out following clothing difficulties and little enthusiasm to do anything other than sleep.

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