Dementia: Siesta Saves The Day

Maureen and I have just had a wonderful two hour sleep.  It is so hot in Cleethorpes today that we returned from our morning endeavours totally exhausted but relieved after a busy morning.

Dr Munjal does not think Maureen’s swollen tummy is anything sinister.  As always he was lovely with Maureen encouraging her from the chair to the examination table with great skill.  He has encouraged us to keep an eye on things and return if things don’t improve within two weeks.

Maureen did really well when we were on the Avenues.  She now has a birthday card for her brother and a smooth chin.  She couldn’t understand why the beautician knew her or had any idea that her dad had been with her in hospital following stroke.

It would be a bridge too far to take up Mark’s offer of an appointment to cut and colour Maureen’s hair.  Her hairdresser is someone else who understands dementia from the inside following a close family member having the condition.

Maureen has just saved the day by coming upstairs to tell me the oven is very hot: another few minutes and those potato wedges would have been ruined.  I’d better don my chef’s outfit and sort out a late lunch……

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