Dementia: He Wanted Bambi

It is time to take the plunge for a while and see what progress I can make on the meaningful activities I listed yesterday.  I’m going for it in a big way this morning as I have already laid out a summer outfit for Maureen to wear today.  It is just possible that the prospect of seeing her G P will entice her to get out of her usual outfit but I wouldn’t put money on it.  In fact getting her to see her G P is far from ‘a banker’ but I can kid her that the main purpose of going to Clee Medical Centre is to get my ears syringed.

If we make it to Cleethorpes we will be spoiled for choice with lots of options for meaningful activities.  We both need a ‘hair do’: mine a simple trim; Maureen something more extensive.  Visits to the chiropodist and dentist are also outstanding.

With the prospect of going out this morning we have decided to cancel the carer sit.  This will address Maureen’s ongoing concern that we need to do more things as a couple rather than being saddled with strangers in our midst.

If going is good today I will return to yesterday’s theme of an imminent trip to Coventry.  Yesterday Maureen seemed keen on catching up with some grandchildren we haven’t seen for a while.   I’m hoping that reminding her of some of their special phrases as young children will do the trick:don’t ike it want Bumbi’ the words of a certain young man (now aged 22) when he was frightened by E T and wanted to watch a Bambi video instead!

I hope that in the next few days I can steer away from repeating the familiar tales of the daily challenges of dealing with Maureen’s presentation and outline how meaningful activity is helping us to rediscover The Good Life.

Edit: Superb service as always from Clee Medical Centre we have an appointment at 11 am this morning.

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