Dementia: A Fresh Start


Yesterday heralded a new beginning oin my role as a Care Partner for Maureen. For once I am going to have a Support Plan for myself.  This seems preferable to the fudge I have endured from the past where a joint plan has been seen as expedient.

It was the first time I had met  Gary, my new social worker, and  I was impressed with the professionalism with which he guided me through the Carers Assessment process.  I am going to request that he remains as my social worker: it is time for a fresh start.

Gary will forward a draft of the Support Plan to me shortly.  It will become a vehicle for me to develop a life of my own alongside being Maureen’s Care Partner.  One of the immediate priorities will be introducing Maureen to Day Care at Royal Court Care Home on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. This will give me a day to do my own thing rather than a couple of hours which is a feature of the past.

We are hoping that once Maureen settles to the routines of Royal Court opportunities for significant respite, with overnight stays, will emerge.  This is preferable to Agencies struggling to source home- based care while I try to steal a couple of nights off duty.

I’m excited by the prospect of having a life of my own once again.  It is time to think of myself and my own aspirations, rather than focusing exclusively on the needs of someone who has dementia.  I am confident that I have the necessary support available to enable me to make brave choices at this juncture in my life.


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