Dementia: I Started A Joke

I played a joke on Maureen yesterday afternoon by telling her I had to go to Coventry.  When she asked me if something was wrong I told her that yes there was: the Sky Blues had yet to score a goal in the League this season and they needed me to play as a centre forward tonight.  She got me back with a vengeance early this morning.  At 0ne’o’ clock she was on the move putting on the light in our lounge/bedroom.

As I came round I wondered if I was going to see a repetition of her behaviour at 10.30 pm when she opened the front door, went outside and was extremely confused about her whereabouts.   It had taken me some time to settle her after this episode; as she repeated that she had ‘lost her memory again’. Maureen always stresses that she ‘lost her memory short-term’.

Maureen’s presentation shortly after midnight was quite different to her moonlit appearance: she was in hysterics over one thing or another for about an hour before she drifted back into sleep.  I did manage to take a video clip of Maureen’s antics as she performed well for the camera.  Unfortunately, my WordPress Plan does not support video so my still was taken earlier in the evening when she had been singing along to Nat King Cole.

The rest of the morning has been far from funny as I’ve  had to play Musical Beds to try to address Maureen’s fears.  Her constant concern has been about other people being able to get into her room.  Eventually, I placed myself alongside her on the marital bed assuring her that she was safe with me by her side.

She had the giggles several times during yesterday afternoon but not as pronounced as this morning: such episodes may be a feature of dementia.   I have also seen her scared witless previously: particularly following her experiences in Ladysmith Road Care Home..  It will be interesting to see how she presents in the next 24 hours.  I will discuss her current presentation with Gary our social worker when we meet this morning for my Carers Assessment.  Some suggest the full moon impacts upon presentation and that could have been a trigger for the events of the last 12 hours.

One of my favourites from the Bee Gees brings this post to another a musical conclusion:


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