Love Life Loss – A Roller Coaster of Poetry Volume 2 : Days with Dementia

Another excellent post from Kate Swaffer: I look forward to the day we meet I’m fed up with cyber hugs!

love life loss v2 coverWhilst I have been too unwell to work, study, or do anything much of any real usefulness for the last couple of weeks, various things have been happening behind the scenes, the product of past work. My second volume of poetry arrived, quite unexpectedly, in the mail this last week, and is already available online. The image here is the front cover, and although it is not hard back, like my first self published volume, I’m very happy with it. I’m also happy to say, although restricted to rest for at least another week, I am slowly recovering, but I did want to my news!

Amelia Walker, now a dear friend who I met when we studied poetry together in our BA, who even then was a published poet, and has since gone onto get her PhD in poetry, wrote the most beautiful forward for this volume, which I am…

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