Dementia: Seeking A Foothold

I have just sent the following E Mail to the Head of Casework at Focus Adult Services:

‘My Carers Assessment has been cancelled yet again today.  With Gary off sick I guess there will be little progress on Best Interest issues.
I am requesting that my aspirations outlined in my earlier message are acted upon without prejudice.  Maureen’s dementia continues to progress and I need some sort of foothold to enable me to cope..
I have to add that my day trip to Coventry on the 19th of August was requested earlier in the week and needs to happen.  Things are not good in that neck of the woods on several fronts and I need to be there’.

About Remember Me

I am a retired adult educator. My wife had a stroke in February 2014 and now has mixed dementia. Her recovery from stroke has been exceptional apart from 50% loss of peripheral vision and vascular damage. 'Dharma For Dementia' is my approach to being Maureem's Care Partner: it aims to end the suffering of 'Prescribed Disengagement' (Swaffer) .
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