Dementia: Sad News On Two Fronts

Yesterday was not good news on the dementia front as all I heard about and saw was evidence of further decline in my two favourite ladies.  During a telephone conversation with my sister in the morning I heard that mum is deteriorating as her dementia takes its toll in all sorts of ways. It is the same story here as the progression of Maureen’s dementia shows no sign of letting up.

All of our Carers are commenting on Maureen’s increased level of confusion and lack of energy. When they arrive in the morning she chats to them for a while and then returns to dozing on the sofa.

I was glad that I had my glasses on in the afternoon as I watched her struggle to put washing on the line.  The transition lenses would have hid my tears as I watched her put pegs on the line and leave washing in the basket.   Maureen hasn’t forgotten how to dance though and we managed a smooch around the kitchen to Barbara Streisand as she returned from her efforts in the garden:

I’m taking no chances now and keeping Maureen firmly in hold when we dance: at 70 years of age it’s about time I learned to lead.

It is possible that yesterday was one of those days and Maureen will be able to hang out the washing if the rain stops today.  I certainly hope so because it is one of her favourite jobs, as she loves to be outside in the fresh air.  She did help with drying the pots and pans as we tidied up the kitchen together in the evening but she can no longer remember where to put things away.  As the Home Treatment Team reminded me earlier in the day she is now at a stage where helping her to find some purpose and minimising distress are the priorities.

I will be posting again in a couple of hours in preparation for my Carers Assesment meeting at 11.30 am this morning.



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