Dementia: Feeling Better

My infection appears to be on the way out.  I have had a reasonable night’s rest on the mattress in the lounge and in the spare bedroom.  The baby alarm kept me in touch with Maureen’s movements when I went upstairs shortly after midnight.

I knew that if Maureen awoke she couldn’t complain about being locked in as she has keys to both doors stashed away somewhere.  I would guess that she will turn out her pockets this morning and give me the keys back, so I can return them to their usual resting place. She seems cold for most of the time at the moment so the chances of her popping outside before dawn on these chilly August mornings are minimal.

Maureen is still sleeping for long periods of the day and that gave me the opportunity of chatting things over with Chloe yesterday.  She is our longest serving, and most experienced carer.  Chloe she has seen many faces of dementia in her career: she is as concerned as I am with Maureen’s increased level of confusion and general decline.

Gary our social worker, during Sue’s absence, has assured me that he will progress Best Interest matters.  He has warmed to my suggestions about using Royal Court Care Home for Day Care and Respite.  I have suggested that ‘Opportunity Knocks’ in a couple of weeks when one of our carers is on holiday.  I am meeting with Gary tomorrow morning to progress my Carers Assessment.  One thing I am keen to do is timetable regular visits to see my own family and periods of significant respite at the Buddhist Centre..

I think our G P is on holiday this week.  On his return I need to have another discussion with him about Maureen’s reluctance to take her prescribed medication.  My concern is that her body will be in a permanent state of confusion as she is failing to take her tablets consistently.

I am very grateful to Gary at Diamond Media for sorting out my Lap Top yesterday.  I was very sad to hear that one of the staff, who is particularly interested in Maureen’s welfare, is in hospital with serious health problems of her own. One of the advantages of living in a small place like Cleethorpes is that when I am out I generally bump into someone who wants to know how things are going.


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