Dementia: SOS

A very early morning post:

I feel unwell this morning and have already sent up distress flares to Focus Adult Social Care.  Our social worker will be alerted to my concerns as soon as he switches on his computer this morning.

Another night on the longe floor may not have helped as I feel unsteady on my feet this morning with flu like symptoms.  I should be able to hold the fort until Charlotte arrives at 10 am and then take to my bed to try to speed up my recovery.  This seems more than a cold and I took propolis (a natural remedy) last night and will have another does shortly.  We also have plenty of paracetamol in stock and that should help to bring my temperature down.

Maureen’s maternal instinct will want to come to my rescue this morning but danger lurks on several fronts.  She is no longer safe alone in the kitchen and electricity and water do not mix.  Her other shortcoming is that she may forget where I am when I’m lying in bed and go out looking for me.   Yesterday I had to usher away from number 29’s back door and entice her out of the porch the other side as she tried to return to our house after putting washing on the line.

 This could be an opportunity to introduce Maureen to Day Care at Royal Court Care Home.


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