Dementia: A Better Way Forward

I drafted this last night before the infection began to take me down.

As the bruises have faded and the pain in her back has eased, Maureen’s recollection of a few days in Ladysmith Care Home appear to have been erased from her memory.  In fact as far as I can see Maureen is back to her old self, and doesn’t appear to have sustained any long term damage from being placed in a setting that was totally unsuitable to her needs.  As I have said before my respite turned into her worst nightmare.  When time is on my side I will raise a number of concerns about Maureen’s experience in Ladysmith Road in appropriate circles..

It seems likely that there is an emerging consensus about what is in Maureen’s Best Interest regarding future care and accommodation.  My suggestions regarding Day Care and Respite at Royal Court Care Home have been well received.   I’m hoping that a Best Interest decision can be made as soon as possible so we can develop a strategy to bring those ideas into action with the minimum of distress.


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