Dementia: Seeking Wisdom


Last night I had the best sleep for months and it wasn’t a coincidence.  A number of things fell into place that can only help us on the next stage of this hazardous journey.  Some honest exchanges took place yesterday.  It was unfortunate that a rather important one, sparked by an overheard phone call, was only partially explored.  Several people have now encouraged me to reflect on how my approach to being a Care Partner had perhaps drifted in an unhelpful direction: hence the picture above.

Maureen has moderate to severe dementia and there is little I can do about the progression of the condition.  Had it been diagnosed 10 years ago when earlier vascular damage was taking place things might have been different.  That is now water under the bridge and I hope that those who manage to get an early diagnosis are fortunate enough to benefit from the work of Professor Bredesen.

Thank you Mel, my Admiral Nurse, for playing the devils advocate.  In future I will refrain from occasionally cancel carer sits: Maureen needs the routine and I need time to myself 

Once again I thank my lucky stars that I’m in North East Lincs where the mantra is ‘to look after your carers’.  The forthcoming Best Interest Meeting will be an opportunity to plan a way forward that takes into consideration all the variables.  How fortunate we decided to be beside the seaside here in Cleethorpes.

Sincere thanks to Kelsang Dorde who posted the picture above on his Facebook page and started this process of reflection..  I hope to be in his company again very soon and benefit from his morning meditation sessions.

Apologies for three posts already this morning – have to dash now to induct a new carer who will be here shortly!

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