Dementia: Time For Straight Talking


My Cyber friend Kate Swaffer has posted a very helpful blog this morning which is a reality check for yours truly.  The following extract has helped me arrive at an unwelcome conclusion:

‘I’ve not been blogging much lately, barely monthly here, and certainly not daily on my other blog like I used to. I suppose though, it is good to report the reason why is I am actually too busy living beyond dementia to have the time!

However I am keeping up with Prof. Dale Bredesens’ latest research, and do recommend you read about it, in particular if you or someone you know is newly diagnosed with a dementia. This approach may be too late for those in the later stages of dementia, but my intuition, nursing background, own personal experience with dementia and my commonsense tells me it is on the right track’.

It is time to accept that now Maureen has a diagnosis of moderate to severe dementia opportunities for neuroplasticity have passed and minimising distress is our mission.

The Best Interest Meeting is looming as an opportunity to discuss options for Maureen’s future care and welfare.  This will be a time for all parties to put their cards on the table and support Team Collins to have the best possible life together.

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