Dementia: Just Wants To Sleep

There seems little point in trying to encourage Maureen to go to Day Care at the moment: all she wants to do is sleep.  It looks as though any activity, even chatting to a Carer, is exhausting.

Concerns about ‘Best Interest’ may be academic as Maureen’s deterioration continues with no sign of a plateau.  My prime focus remains to minimise distress and try to find little things that bring a smile to her face.


4 thoughts on “Dementia: Just Wants To Sleep

    1. Hi Anna I’ve just had a few hours asleep before being woken by Maureen coming upstairs. I tried to encourage her to sleep alone in the marital bed but she’s told me ‘it’s my bed and wives sleep with their husbands and I’m not hers’.

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      1. That’s so difficult to hear for you. Does she recognise you as her husband at other times? She clearly feels safe with you as she seeks you out at home.
        I’m pleased you managed some sleep. How was today? x


  1. Yes I’m always her husband when I go out and leave her with carers because she frequently complains I have left her with people she has little in common with. What I can struggle with is that change of status can take place within minutes.


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