Dementia: A Diamond Amongst Stones

It is probable I have uncovered a diamond amongst stones when  I made my second visit to a small Care Home in Cleethorpes yesterday.  I came away with a really positive feeling about the place.  Later this morning I will return for a further chat with the Manager.

One of my neighbours inspects Care Homes as an ‘Enter and View’ volunteer. He tipped me off that Royal Court Care Home was somewhere there was a high level of resident satisfaction.   John and I believe Care Homes would be better placed in the NHS but that seems unlikely at the moment.  

From my initial observations Royal Court would be a good place to consider for a significant Respite Break.  The room that is currently available is better than anything I have seen on my travels.   The whole place seems an ideal setting for someone of Maureen’s demeanour.

It is time to do something that I always struggle with:  park things that have gone wrong for a while and move on.  There is little point in wasting my energy on past events when I am so tired.  The dwindling energy that I have needs to be focused on creating an opportunity for a significant break so that I can deal with options for the future with a clear mind.

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