Dementia: Straight From the Horses Mouth

I hope the following two paragraphs are self-explanatory:

‘North East Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning have refreshed their policy on how adult social care resources (money and services) are shared between those who need them locally.  Our refreshed policy aims to guide us on what to consider when making tough decisions about how to spend money to maximise the help we offer to adults with needs.  We have to make sure that the way we spend offers value for money, whilst still promoting the wellbeing of the individuals we are here to support, in a way that helps them achieve what matters most to them.   

An online questionnaire has been created to seek views.  These views will be used to help us understand what matters to our local population, when thinking about how we ensure everyone has fair access to adult social care and support’.

I have only skimmed the questionnaire and it does not deal with the shortcoming of the current arrangements. I do not believe the CCG are: ‘promoting the wellbeing of the individuals we are here to support, in a way that helps them achieve what matters most to them’.  The bullet points below outline my assertion: 

  • The whole system is shrouded in mystery with entitlement unclear.
  • The Care Agencies that we have experienced are not fit for purpose.  Their staff are poorly trained with awful conditions of employment.
  • Focus Social Work Staff do not have budgets and have to consult their superiors about expenditure.
  • The CCG have bought respite beds in a Care Home that is not person-centred or fit for purpose.
  • The Care Home where my wife was placed for Respite claim they are unable to make professional judgements about where clients are best placed.

It is likley that Austerity Measures have meant that the CCG have inadequate funds to meet the needs of their population.  I am aware that Kevin Bond the Director of NAVIGO resigned asserting that the CCG had failed to give the organisation a fair share of the cake. Our experiences in the last few months perhaps illustrate the point that Kevin has made and are a major contributor to my current level of exhaustion.

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