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Dementia: Improving Communication

Compared to Monday we had both had a reasonable amount of sleep last night.  It’s amazing how a night’s rest helps to clarify early morning thoughts and I’ve had my thinking hat on from 4 am. I have decided to … Continue reading

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Dementia: YESSSSSS!

I have just woken after a much needed 2 hour siesta.  What a relief to catch up on some sleep after the events of last night.  For a while I didn’t know where I was when I woke up. This has given … Continue reading

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Dementia: Struggling With Orientation

Things nearly got out of hand at 11.30 pm last night.  Maureen woke up and came into my bedroom like a hurricane wanting to know where the other people were.  I woke up in a daze and mumbled something about … Continue reading

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Dementia: Landing At 4am

Maureen and I met on the landing at 4 am this morning embarking on two different missions: mine to make the bathroom; hers to get up.  We had landed in different quarters last night as she wanted the marital bed … Continue reading

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Branding And Growth Course

  Task for Day One: My Blog aims to share an honest account of our journey with dementia.  I sincerely hope that outlining our experiences is as much help to others as the incredible support that we receive from fellow … Continue reading

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Dementia: DNA In Early Morning Action

I had to apply DNA in large amounts at 2 am this morning when Mrs Dementia was in full flow: if I had absorbed Maureen’s vitriol I would never have got back to sleep.  My dear wife was letting me have it … Continue reading

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Dementia: The Importance Of DNA

Early on in our journey Yvonna our local Lloyd’s Pharmacist alerted me to the importance of DNA once your loved one has a diagnosis of dementia.  Her message of Do Not Absorb became particularly pertinent yesterday. I returned home from my meeting with … Continue reading

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Dementia: NELC Welcomes Feedback

I have always found the Local Authority here accessible: they welcome feedback.  Any time I have requested to meet Senior Officers of NELC they have found time within their busy schedules to hear me out.  My faltering presentations, where I … Continue reading

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Dementia: Running Out of Gas

Maureen and I were both running on empty yesterday afternoon as we tried to catch up on an unproductive morning.  None of our plans for the morning came to fruition as Maureen eventually gave up trying to find comfortable clothing and slept … Continue reading

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Dementia: Togetherness

Maureen is very fond of the above number by Emmylou Harris.  It is one of the many songs she has learned in the last few months as we have used YouTube to liven up our days.  The song may well … Continue reading

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