Dementia: Our Camp Song

News from Base Camp – this is the Camp Song played as early morning tea is served:

Maureen has asked me if the children are enjoying camping along with whether I’m warm enough at night.  Camping is giving me much more rest as I lie on a mattress close by heron the sofa soothed by the sound of Maureen’s breathing.  If she wakes distressed a few words of comfort from me ease her back to sleep.

We are both really excited today as we picked our first crop of home grown kidney beans yesterday.  Our Sunday Dinner will be really something today; with an even greater array of vegetables to go with a slice of chicken.

It’s great weather for camping today in Costa del Cleethorpes – a warm day with lots of blue sky on the horizon.  Maureen is still cold even though she is wearing two pairs of thermal socks toasted by the gas fire on low heat.

I think my attempts to help Maureen rebuild her confidence are paying dividends as there are signs of a spring returning to her step as she moves around the house and the garden.  There is a saying that ‘adult eduicators never retire they just go grey’: white in my case.  How lovely to see that I’m still up to the job by  helping Maureen with her struggles to keep Mrs Dementia at bay.


About Remember Me

I am a retired adult educator. My wife had a stroke in February 2014 and now has mixed dementia. Her recovery from stroke has been exceptional apart from 50% loss of peripheral vision and vascular damage. 'Dharma For Dementia' is my approach to being Maureem's Care Partner: it aims to end the suffering of 'Prescribed Disengagement' (Swaffer) .
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