Dementia: News From Base Camp

Yesterday was the first time in 16 years that we have had a G P call at our house.  Dr Munjal  is well aware of Maureen’s reluctance to take any medication and spent a long time trying to persuade her to take paracetomol to ease the pain in her back.  He is well aware of Maureen’s preference for natural remedies and knew there was no point in prescribing anything to relieve her anxiety or lift her mood.  I realised that was down to me and my natural remedy was quite simple: camping..

Maureen had become so distressed from her experiences in Ladysmith Road Care Home that I set up camp in the lounge last night.  I spent a reasonable night on a mattress that was close to the sofa where she often sleeps.  That meant that whenever she woke up I could immediately assure her that she was safe.

I decided on camping after she broke down yesterday evening saying ‘she was frightened because she couldn’t do anything’.  We have been up since 2 am having a great time.  Maureen is wondering if we need Planning Permission if we change our lounge into a Camp Site.  This theme continued for a couple of hours as we ‘sent up’ the idea with various hilarious extensions to our early morning theme.

It is important for me to back off for a while as my antics this morning will have tired Maureen out but it was great to see her in such good form after such a harrowing week.  My response to her question about what I’m going to do today was the same as always: ‘we’re going to have an easy day’ – so why not take a day off Mrs Dementia and let the fun continue all day?


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