Dementia: Hi de Hi Campers

We’ll be camping again tonight to recover from an unhelpful Carer Sit.  The poor woman had obviously not had her ‘card marked’ and thought she was chairing Twenty Questions.

Maureen demonstrated her capacity by going along with a cunning plan to be invited out to visit her brother in Nottingham tomorrow.  Her performance talking to no-one at the end of the phone was worth an Oscar.  Needless to say we gave the woman an early bath after 9o minutes sending her on her way half an hour early..

How reassuring that Team Collins are back when the going gets tough.  We combined so well to prevent a further investigation tomorrow.  I’m about to phone the replacement Agency to make sure we can continue with our camping holiday tomorrow with our usual Sunday Roast rather than another grilling.

We have had nothing but trouble with arrangements for respite and now we can’t even get an additional sit without it going belly-up!


6 thoughts on “Dementia: Hi de Hi Campers

    1. How strange Susan but today’s carer will not be coming back or her Agency. The abuse of Maureen continues first when I take respite breaks now even on Carer Sits. This will be brought into the open after the weekend: up with this I will not put!


      1. All I can do is address the neglect and abuse of my loved one. As my dear old dad used to say ‘every little helps as the old lady …..’ I think you might know the rest. Ourlawyers have worked well with us to address other personal injury claims and we have a good legal team to rely on. I hope that where we are about to tread others may follow.

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