Dementia: Bruised and Broken

Maureen has a black eye, extreme back pain and in the words of her son ‘has been broken’ by her spell in Ladysmith Road Care Home.  I am meeting the Manager on Monday to hear the results of her investigation into Maureen’s treatment whilst in her care.

I will also document all my concerns about Ladysmith Road Care Home for the attention of the Clinical Commissioning Group and our lawyers.  When I have time I will take similar action over my concerns with our Care Agency.

Our G P has confirmed that the results of tests on Maureen’s sample are negative and she has not had an infection.

The Home Treatment Team will carry out a Capacity Assessment of Maureen tomorrow morning.  This will inevitably lead to a Best Interest Meeting to determine how Maureen’s welfare can be protected.

The next step on our journey has now been taken out of my hands: I have to reluctantly accept that I am losing control of Maureen’s destiny.


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