Dementia: Action Man Saves The Day

I have mentioned before that Maureen often says to me: ‘what’s the plan Action Man ?’ Once I had the news from the Review Meeting: a diagnosis of moderate to severe dementia along with advice that a prolonged stay in the Care Home would be counter-productive I took on the mantel.

As I sat holding Maureen’s hand I saw the distress the chaotic atmosphere of the Orchid Suite was causing.  I realised what I needed to do: get her home as quickly as possible without upsetting anyone..

I do not have the space or energy to detail how I negotiated her early release from the Care Home.  It is fortunate that it is the start of the month and there was plenty of credit on my Mobile.  What I would like to do is pass on my thanks to all those people who gave us such excellent support in our hour of need: family support along with a local commitment to looking after carers and their loved ones shone through.

Maureen remains in considerable pain this morning.  Every time she moves in bed she is moaning in response to the discomfort she feels from her injured back.  It is fortunate that I cajoled her to have an x ray yesterday evening and we know that nothing untoward has happened.

We decided earlier this morning that today would be ‘Maureen’s Official Birthday’ as she didn’t have time or energy to open a single card yesterday.  Despite an early morning reminder she has forgotten that her youngest son Colin will be here later.



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