Dementia: BOGOF

I returned a couple of hours ago from a cycle ride to see ‘Wills’.  He’s been staying overnight with ‘the best grandmother in the world’ who also happens to be Maureen’s aunty.  Clarice has been a great help from the time I suspected Maureen had memory problems.

One of the things I’m doing during this period of respite is  to compare notes with those who have have cared for a love one who has dementia  When I was sharing experiences with my sister in law yesterday her I was reminded of our good fortune.  My brother John was sectioned after his behaviour in respite and has never seen the light of day since.  I also had a lengthy chat with my sister about mum and how my family in Coventry are supporting her as dementia progresses.

Blogging has opened up a Pandora’s Box of experiences from others who are on various stages of a similar journey to ours.  When I saw the Prince this morning I had fun playing with a lively lad and once again drew on the wealth of experience from someone who loves Maureen and can identify with our current dilemmas: a sort of BOGOF opportunity. 

Another focus at the moment is trying to improve my general fitness and lose a little belly fat.  I didn’t realise Rachel, William’s mother, would be at Clarice’s or she was trying to improve her shape and fitness.  She talked to me about the SeanT programme so then my visit to Clarice’s became BOGTF.

Good news: Maureen’s Care Home have agreed this afternoon would be a good time to make my first visit and I will be along to see her shortly.


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