Dementia: In Safe Hands

As the Home Treatment Team prepared to take Maureen to a Care Home yesterday Amanda turned to me and said: ‘this is a positive you know’.   I reassured her that I saw things in that way and thanked her for the sensitive way her and Margaret had eased Maureen into accepting she needed more support than I could give her.

I have already waxed lyrical about the HTT in previous posts by reflecting on their person centred style of care.  There is no doubt in my mind that Maureen is in safe hands: I wouldn’t have let her go otherwise.

Yesterday was the second time I had visited her Care Home and my earlier positive hunch was confirmed.  What Maureen now has is residential care under the auspices of the HTT: it doesn’t get much better than that.

I think it is likely that I have met or spoken to most members of the HTT.  Gilly the Manager of the Team spent an hour and a half with us the weekend before last.  Maureen’s medical treatment will be overseen by Dr Kokton; an excellent practitioner who we know and trust.  I therefore have every confidence that there will be a positive outcome from Maureen’s time in the Care Home.

It is unclear how long Maureen will spend in the Care Home but  it is reassuring to know  she is in safe hands as we try to figure out which way to go on this unforgiving journey.  

The HTT is a Crisis Team with a very demanding brief.  We are very fortunate that Maureen is now under their direct care: we need to leave them to get on with their job. That means I take their advice on when to make my first visit to see my wife.

Maureen is with others whose condition is much further progressed than hers.  Care Home personnel are responding to demanding situations from the beginning to the end of their shifts.  I made my one and only call to them last night to hear she was settled.  I have told the Care Home only to phone me in an emergency.  We all need to be patient and await a positive outcome from Maureen’s time in the care of the HTT.

There is much clearing up to be done here after the events of the last few days and many personal things I need to focus on.

I will continue to blog details of how things are going.


8 thoughts on “Dementia: In Safe Hands

  1. Paul – while I am sad for your situation, as you know I can completely and utterly empathise with you. I am so glad that you are getting some respite, and that you should be able to catch up with some rest, and collect your thoughts. I wish you all the best xx


  2. This sounds like a very good plan, Paul. I’m relieved to know you have some time and space to focus on things that need tending to and to get some rest, while you can also be assured that Maureen is being well cared for. My very best wishes to you both!!


  3. I can understand your situation, and empathize with you. Now you will get some time to rest and get your house in order. Meanwhile Maurine will be taken care of by efficient staff of care home. My prayers and best wishes for both of you.


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