Dementia: I Count My Blessings

Apparently Friday is always a busy day for our Home Treatment Team: today has been no exception.  They arrived as scheduled at 5 pm and an hour later Maureen was quite happily going with them to a local Care Home where they have dedicated beds for assessing clients.  I checked the place out this morning and selected Maureen a room with a good view of the gardens.

It has helped that two of Maureen’s aunties have similar infections and she is keen to avoid problems with her kidneys.  Staff from the HTT visit the Home every day and will advise me how things are going and when it is sensible for me to visit.

As always I count my blessings that we enjoy such excellent support in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area.

3 thoughts on “Dementia: I Count My Blessings

  1. I’m so pleased that Maureen went happily to the care home and that you even had the opportunity to select her room.

    Maureen is very sensible to seek convalescence to get over this infection. Hope you get a good night’s sleep, it’s well deserved.


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