Dementia: Bribery and Corruption?

On Monday I made a mistake and turned up an hour early for a physio appointment, so I went off to do some shopping.  I joked with the receptionist that I would bring her an ice cream on my return.  She was rather surprised when I returned with a pack of six.  It was a small way of saying thank you to staff at St Hugh’s Hospital for the treatment I have received  over the years.

Harrison House, the local Mental Health Unit, is across the road from St Hughs and I decided to drop them off some ice cream as a thank you for helping me to recover from a period of feeling suicidal some years ago.   They were delighted with my offering and I joked with staff that I thought they might be better than Prozac on such a warm day.

This afternoon I am due to see our G P and I hope to extend my efforts of ‘bribery and corruption’ to staff at our Medical Centre.  I also plan to do the same at our local Pharmacy who have already been trying to persuade Maureen to take her antibiotics this morning.

It is lovely to be able to help staff cool off in this hot spell as we show our appreciation for the sound support we receive from so many quarters in Cleethorpes.


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