Dementia: Too Tired To Function

I am not functioning well at the moment as there are too many bases to cover as Maureen’s dementia continues to progress.  It is no longer sensible to travel to see family in Coventry tomorrow: The prospect of 8 hours on public transport is daunting, even if the heat wave lets up on us, and driving down would be dangerous

Sleep deprivation is now a constant in my life with Maureen refusing to come to bed again last night: claiming she hasn’t got a bedroom here.  An hour later she woke calling for her mother or myself because she was frightened about being alone downstairs on the sofa. She has woken several times in the night worrying about one thing or another as I lay beside her.  Her current concern is that there is no-one else here to tell us what to do in the morning

There is little doubt that the current heatwave in Costa del Cleethorpes is adding to Maureen’s confusion.  I’m struggling to cope myself in these extreme temperatures so goodness knows what it is like for my wife.  I had to resort to some emergency measures yesterday afternoon with an oscillating fan and bowls of cold water for her feet.  I’m thankful for the hints on the Unforgettable Site to help me support Maureen during this heatwave.

However I’m not kidding myself that I can blame Maureen’s presentation on the heatwave.  She has been struggling to find her way around our house for quite some time. Her contribution to household tasks is now minimal; often counterproductive leading to more work on my behalf.  This downward spiral shows no sign of reaching a plateau and I need eyes in the back of my head to keep her safe.  Yesterday I had to chaperone her back home several times as she has strolled off down the road in odd shoes carrying all sorts of gear.  Her walkabouts often take her into next doors front garden and trying to find a way into their house.

Maureen is sleeping for considerable periods during the day.  She frequently complains that she is tired and her naps can last for a couple of hours.  When she wakes another day has passed in her reality and she is expects breakfast.  When she is resting this is an opportunity to catch up on something that was difficult to do while she was awake but I continue to be advised that sleeping during the day is not the solution to my irregular sleep pattern.

 Unless I can find a way of getting more sleep I fear I’m going to keel over and Maureen’s care will be taken out of my hands.  Therefore my meeting with my Admiral Nurse this morning and our social worker on Monday could not have come at a better time.  I am also scheduled to meet Paul Martin my counsellor a week today and a consultation with my G P will not go amiss: something has to change otherwise I will not be able to care for Maureen in her own home for much longer.

David Bowie had something interesting to say on the subject of ‘Changes’:




4 thoughts on “Dementia: Too Tired To Function

  1. Paul, it sounds like you are going through a very similar thing to my dad and my heart bleeds for you. You always sound so positive in your blog posts and i am sure that does help to keep you going when things get really bad. I hope you manage to get some rest and things improve for you and Maureen.
    Best wishes


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