Dementia: 10 Steps To De-escalate A Crisis

It’s very hot here today in Cleethorpes and Maureen is struggling to cope with the heat.  So I’ve just found hints from Teepa Snow to take the heat out of the situation when ice creams no longer do the trick.

I have been asked to remove this post by my cyber friend Amazing Susan, who I have great respect for, as this information is already on her  Blog.

The heat must be getting to me to make such a silly mistake.




6 thoughts on “Dementia: 10 Steps To De-escalate A Crisis

  1. Hi Paul: Did you get this from My Alzheimer’s Story? Or somewhere else? If you got it from somewhere else, then wherever you got it from copied it from my site. If you got is from my site, I would ask you to please not copy and paste my posts like this. You may refer people to my site with a link, but I did a lot of work to edit this video from the raw material and the list of tips is created by me and is my intellectual property, not Teepa Snow’s even though it’s based on her material. I would be grateful if you please removed this post. Thanks very much, Susan


    1. No problem. I have written to them, but usually people who do things like this don’t respond. Also, FYI, it’s not good practice to take other people’s material and repost it on your blog. Did you ask their permission to repost it?


  2. The heat must be muddling my brain: thanks for the warning. Its fortunate I’d taken it down then me thinks. Thanks for your guidance and support. Better to post about what’s going on here.


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