Dementia: Don’t Stop The Carnival

As you will have seen from my earlier post A Rude Awakening I’m not having a good day. Same story yesterday when we didn’t make it to see the carnival as I failed to give Maureen enough time to prepare for watching the parade.

Our afternoon siesta went on too long and she simply didn’t have enough time to find clothing that felt comfortable, so she retired once again to the sofa in frustration.  This was a classic example of ‘fail to prepare: prepare to fail’.  If I’d have got her to start changing into a suitable outfit around 3 pm then we might have made it down the road by 5 pm.  Once again I’d overlooked the fact that dementia means that everything takes so much longer and the carnival wouldn’t wait for us:

Pc 70 is clearly not destined for the CID: four hours after the event I’m still no further forward in finding who rescued Maureen this morning.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Don’t Stop The Carnival

  1. Are you absolutely certain Maureen actually left the house last night, I say this as my mum firmly believes that she has done things I know she hasn’t, she has fabulous “back stories” at times.

    I also want to say that you are being far too hard on yourself. I am nowhere near 70 years yoing and don’t cope nearly was well as you. Maureen is incredibly lucky to have you.

    The other thing is that I’m aware of how you both feel about medication, but you need to get full and regular nights sleep. Would it be worth talking to your brilliant pharmacist about sleeping aids, they might be a compromise, but sometimes needs must.


    1. There is no doubt that Maureen was outside the house and it is clear how she escaped. I am about to batten down the hatches there. I also think I know who shepherded her back in after a night out. He’s sleeping it off at the moment and I’m sure he will confirm things later.

      My dilemma is that sleeping tablets may will destroy further parts of her brain and she is in enough trouble there. I will have a chat with Yvonna our pharmacist on Tuesday when she is back in work. The worrying thing is that Maureen had forgotten where I was despite me being a partition wall away from her bedroom. That is why I have to seek an assessment of her condition.


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