Dementia: Theresa -It’s A Carnival

When I phoned up our Care Agency at 5 pm yesterday to see if arrangements had been made for my trip to Coventry, next Thursday or Friday, I was told that they were still trying to sort out staffing for the weekend.  Then I remembered its Cleethorpes Carnival: stupid.

When I was as a supply teacher difficult classes were often labelled as ‘Zoos, Pantomimes, Circuses or Carnivals’ by my colleagues.  There is no doubt that Care Agencies have real difficulties this weekend as it is Cleethorpes Carnival.  They are trying to persuade their staff to work when family interest might lead them in a different direction.

Care Agencies are forever working in a Carnival atmosphere: starved of resources by Local Authorities; dealing with the sharp end of Chancellor Osborne’s austerity measures. Consequently, they pay their staff the Living Wage and a few pence an hour extra for working weekends.  Little wonder that it will be after the usual staffing crisis of the weekend is over before they have time to sort out who will be with Maureen before my day trip to Coventry.  The Carnival will be down the road in a few hours: it is never over for the poor souls at the Agency who are trying to make sure that all their clients will have carers with them this and every other weekend.

Time the carnival was over Theresa:


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