Dementia: A Message To You Theresa

While  Maureen and I were chatting yesterday I just happened to mention that we had a new  Prime Minister.  I’m never sure how much Maureen has been following the news but she astounded me by saying: ‘Theresa May – she sounds like a shop assistant but I’m not trying to be disrepsectful to them’.   I know little about the background of our new Prime Minister but I suddenly feared she would do as much damage to our economy that the Grocer’s Daughter (Margaret Thatcher) had done.

This morning I have had another thought  a ‘Specials’ message, something of a warning, to Theresa rather than Rudy:

I think it is time that Social Care was brought back into the Public Sector. I can think of no other way of ending the current neglect of our Senior Citizens.  Just to refresh Theresa’s memory and I speak from personal experience, by raising the following questions:

  • Why do we leave our most vulnerable citizens in the care of untrained staff?
  • Why are Care Agencies being starved of the resources they need?
  • Why are Care Homes being starved of the resources they need?
  • Why is it so difficult to get Continuing Health Care?

The accusations of neglect and abuse of the elderly will continue unless you focus on these issues Theresa.   One of you predecessors like Rudy may end up in jail if we ever get him to The Haigh.  Why not make your legacy that you kept the promise that our Welfare State would look after us from Cradle to Grave?

I will post an update on developments here a little later.

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