Dementia: The Other Women

I had a busy day yesterday contactin, or meeting women who are particularly significant as we travel on this unforgiving journey.

I E Mailed Sue our social worker first thing to request a visit to Coventry so that I can catch up with family in ‘Sky Blue Land’.  My mum and brother are having a tough time at the moment: trying to cope with the progression of their dementia.

At 10.30 I met Sadie and Hayley from our Care Agency to record serious concerns about aspects of Maureen’s treatment by their staff.  I have received an unreserved apology and a full investigation will take place into my concerns.  We meet again in a week’s time so they can give an interim report into their investigations.

Later in the morning I met Gilly from the Home Treatment Team and Mel my Admiral Nurse.  I have now grasped that the HTT is a Crisis Intervention Team and Mel is the audience for the support and supervision I need in my role as Maureen’s Care Partner.  We have agreed to meet next week to look at some short term aims and objectives.

On my return home I caught up with Maureen and Charlotte getting along like a house on fire.

In the afternoon I popped in to see Yvonna at Lloyds Chemist to chat over a number of issues.  It is always helpful to run my thinking by such a radical pharmacist.

I realise that I am very fortunate to have such professional expertise at my disposal and with my record, and at my age, there is safety in numbers!

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