Dementia: ‘Catch The Wind’

I didn’t take long to get the Pink Panther back after my stupidity first thing this morning.  It’s an ideal day for airing clothes and I have now emptied Maureen’s wardrobes.  Opportunist that I am a new door has appeared that I intend to ease open a little.

We are both hoarders saving clothes for best as we wander around in our old favourites.  I am hoping that as Maureen decides what needs washing after the airing and what needs ditching, I can move things on a little further. It may be possible to raise what would be suitable for dancing and see if we can return to the floor on Wednesday morning: that would really get a ‘Ten from Len’.

I thought a word or two from Donovan and Crystal Gale might put to music my thinking on this breezy morning:

 ‘Catch The Wind’ is where I am at with dementia rather than: ‘Go With The Flow’.

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