Dementia: What A Difference A Day Makes

I realise I was using journalistic licence with my post yesterday: ‘Throwing The Towel In’. What I was articulating was that Maureen’s presentation was changing and I hadn’t got the energy to provide the support she needed.  As my infection now seems on its way out I also realise that I needed to review my approach to being her Care Partner to address the progression of her dementia.

It would take too long to outline the conversations and support I received yesterday as I tried to figure out a way forward on this journey.  Maureen slept for most of the day so that gave me the opportunity to chat things over with several members of our support team.  It also gave me time to respond top supportive comments on this Blog.   It was refreshing to meet Hannah from Hica, our Care Agency, who was pulling out all the stops to resource the care needed for the respite that I was requesting.

I think it is unlikely that Hannah will be able to find the carers needed at such short notice despite her hard work.  I will phone her first thing this morning to assess the situation and adjust my plans accordingly: my fall-back position will be a day trip to Coventry to catch up with my mum and brother to see how their dementia is progressing.

It’s amazing what a difference a good night’s sleep makes.  We slept together from midnight until 6 am: a welcome break from what has gone on in recent weeks.  I have Natalie from the Home Treatment Team to thank for this as our conversation earlier in the evening helped me to ‘get the message’.  At last I realise that I need to check where Maureen is in terms of orientation before I work out how to interact with her: little point in suggesting it is time for bed if she thinks I’m a stranger!  Having such skilled folk at the end of the phone is a luxury I simply couldn’t do without.

The ‘Tea Boy’ has already been on his rounds this morning and the first cuppa has been served.  There is a spring in his step this morning as his nose has stopped dripping at last.

The sun is hiding behind clouds this morning and I’m not sure if the washing will be able to put on the line but gradually I’m beginning to adjust to not knowing what is going to happen next: one of the certainties of dementia.


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