Dementia: Help Needed

At 3 am this morning I contacted Single Point of Access (our 24 hour Help Line) to inform them that I was unwell and would not be able to keep Maureen safe.  They have agreed to alert Rapid Response who will contact us after 7 am to arrange an assessment of our situation.

Maureen says ‘she needs someone to look after her and feels unable to tend to my needs’ as my nose drips like a tap, my head aches and I am unsteady on my feet.  Her confusion is paramount as she tries to make sense of the situation: ‘in a place that she doesn’t know with no staff on duty’.

 My suggestion is she is supported to do what any wife would do when her husband is unwell: ‘help the old man to get back on his feet’.  This would avoid a repetition of the distress that was caused on a previous occasion when she was dropped off at a Day Centre when I was unwell.

I am posting a little earlier than normal this morning as I await from contact from Rapid Responders.

4 thoughts on “Dementia: Help Needed

  1. Sending positive vibes and healing energy your way. You are not alone. Your story is that of millions of caregivers who go to the ends of the earth in a multitude of ways for those they love. You are both so brave and courageous and you have done the right and smart thing by reaching out for help. X


  2. Thanks Henri for your king wishes. I’m hoping that Propolis and paracetomol will do the trick. I usually get this infection when I’m worn out. The time has arrived to set up some respite on a regular basis.


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