Dementia: A Very Rapid Response

How fortunate we are to live in North East Lincolnshire where services as so well organised to support Care Partners and those with dementia.  I have just had a call from Rapid Responders to confirm that two team members will be out by lunch-time to make an assessment of our situation.  I was reassured to hear that one of them will be a nurse as Maureen is now feeling unwell and is sleeping on the sofa.

When we decided to move to Cleethorpes many questioned our judgement to uproot from Coventry.  From what I hear from friends back in the land of ‘The Sky Blues’ we are far better off living out in the sticks with a Local Authority geared up to looking after carers and their loved ones.  

4 thoughts on “Dementia: A Very Rapid Response

    1. Hi Susan it is much better than other areas from what I have heard. They are providing a 30 minute tea-time call at 6.30pm: just have to tough it out like lots of other carers and hope Maureen stays put!


  1. Paul, here’s wishing you several nights of uninterrupted sleep, your wife as purposeful as she can be at helping you get better, and since I cannot send it to you from here, I’m making a big pot of chicken soup and eating for you virtually! I;ll drink some for Maureen’s health as well.


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