Dementia: Trying To Avoid Carer Burnout

I am beginning to feel that I’m on ‘Mission Impossible’ here: facing Carer Burnout. Yesterday I managed to have half an hour with Karen from the Home Treatment Team.  I have further meetings planned next week as I try to figure out a practical way forward on this journey that ensures my own well-being.

I will not be posting on any other pages on this blog for a while.

2 thoughts on “Dementia: Trying To Avoid Carer Burnout

  1. Paul – you NEED to look after yourself first, otherwise who is going to look after you when you’ve fallen over? Even the airlines say that you should put your oxygen mask on first before attending to others. Please please take care of YOU – I want to be able to meet up with you one day. I know how hard it is but you have to accept any help that is offered, even if Maureen doesn’t initially like it. I had to do the same for Steve and I insisted upon various types of assistance. It helped me immensely. I look forward to hearing more when you have the energy to blog. Take care x

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