Dementia : Thank Goodness For Geoff Lynne

Geoff Lynne’s ELO just lifted me after a difficult start to the evening.  Seeing them at Glastonbury helped me to remember some good times in my life at a time when I needed an escape from the difficulties here.

As I was finalising our Sunday evening meal Maureen decided to take exercise in the garden.  She failed to heed my warning that her shoes were in a dangerous state with the sole falling off.  I found her some safer shoes but she refused to change into them.  As I stepped back outside from checking how things were simmering I noticed that the back gate was open.

I hurried into the front drive and watched her from a distance as she ambled down the road.  She then disappeared into the garden of some neighbours who we hardly know.  As I peered through their gate I could see her moving things about in their garden.

I called on Kevin our next door neighbour to help entice her out of the garden.  He stuck to the plan and told her I was looking for her.  When she saw me she wanted to know why I was looking for her ‘as she wasn’t looking for me’.

Maureen played with one of her favourite meals spitting most of it out claiming it was undercooked or cold.  She encouraged me to keep it so she could show her son the kind of rubbish that is being served up here.  Unfortunately, his phone call from Durham came when she was fast asleep.

I had a chat with Jessica from the Home Treatment Team who said she is having a bad day.  As always she offered support in terms of sending someone out if things escalated.  ‘Lynnie’, as Rob my brother in law calls him, was all I needed.  Rob remembers backing him when he was part of the Idle Race as he has backed many more.

Sleeping Beauty is in the land of the nod again now: once again it was a shame she wasn’t able to have contact with a family member at a time when those opportunities are diminishing.


4 thoughts on “Dementia : Thank Goodness For Geoff Lynne

  1. “As I peered through their gate I could see her moving things about in their garden.”

    “When she saw me she wanted to know why I was looking for her ‘as she wasn’t looking for me’.”

    Sorry, but I LOL ed. God. Dementia is funny. When we can step back and laugh. Yesterday, I was w Mom at the home, sitting with her and her friend outside on the deck in the sun. Mom’s friend has knit her a play “muff” which is kind of like a sock to put her hands in. I gave it to her. Without saying a word, she took her sun hat off and put the muff on her head like a tuque. I thought it was rather clever of her actually 🙂

    Just like Maureen’s comment. I’m not looking for you, you fool, WhyTF are you looking for me!? hahahahahaha

    One must laugh, mustn’t one?

    And thanks for the ELO blast from the past which for some strange reason made me think of this:

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