Telegraphing their lack of understanding

George never gives up trying improve how those with dementia are treated

george rook

So GPs have finally said there’s no point in a person knowing what’s wrong with them.

Oh, yeah, I know you’ve got cancer but it’s a type we can’t cure, you’ll die in three months, so I won’t tell you. Then you won’t worry, your family will live in happy ignorance, and it’ll be a much better way to end your life.

Absolutely reasonable. Just flicking a switch.



There. Goodbye. It’s over.

I know I’ll miss out on £50 for referring you for a full diagnosis. But it’ll save you loads of pointless visits to doctors, scans, chemo, counsellors, Macmillan nurses, our practice.

And we’ve got too much work now anyway.

No. Just go home as if nothing has happened.

Ignore your pain and discomfort.

Ignore your family, children, friends…just go on as usual.

And one day, well, you just won’t wake up.

Does this happen?

Of course…

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