Dementia: Reclaiming Our Lives

bestWe had a good day yesterday: a significant step forward in getting our lives and our home back.  I’m struggling to remember how we spent the morning so I guess it was pottering around the house and garden.  In the afternoon Maureen was checked out by our G P and a Practice Nurse.  It doesn’t look as though there is anything to worry about and a sample this morning will clear up any lingering doubts.

We had a great time in the evening pottering in the garden as we listened to music through the open patio doors. My neighbour happened to mention that Maureen had been singing away while she cleaned their window ledges.  I had no idea she had a money making scheme in mind to ease any cash flow problems.

I realise now that it has been a mistake to scarper as soon as carers arrive.  I failed to listen to Maureen’s assertion that she looked after me when I had been ill.  Goodness knows what it must have felt like as I ‘deserted her’ and left her with strangers.  Her call is not Mrs Dementia not wanting me out of her sight, it is: ‘where are you mate in my hour of need I was there for you’.

Gail will be here in a couple of hours to do her Wednesday sit.  Maureen likes being in the company of someone who is mature and lets her get on with doing her own thing.  As always the banter will fly around as I am outnumbered but I will take it as I potter in the house and garden.  Gail is good company and a welcome visitor in our home with family too busy to visit at the moment.

As I sit posting the latest news Maureen is singing this song as she waits for the first cup of the day to cool:

It’s another lovely morning and the blue sky’s the limit as we continue on this journey.


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