Dementia: Two Good Men

I couldn’t let today pass without mentioning two good men.  Maureen and I both had fathers who were called Jack.  When I worked at the Morris, later to become British Leyland, I was always known as Jack’s son even though his name was John.  Maureen’s sister is still known as Union Jack’s lass whenever she bumps into those men who knew her of her dad’s activities in his days at the Raleigh.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Maureen’s dad as he had passed before we met. However from the stories she has told me he was a wonderful father just like mine.  The other thing they had in common is they were both active trade unionists.

Both of our fathers didn’t mince their words and were outspoken in their beliefs.  We are both proud to have had fathers who had no truck with liberal political correctness. 

Happy fathers’ day to two Jacks: we try to be chips off the old block.

I’m wondering if a change of scene would help us both on this sunny morning here in Cleethorpes.  Maureen has slept a lot in the last couple of days and hardly been out the door for more than the odd half an hour.  As you will see from my Niceness page I needed support yesterday to try to fathom what was going on here.

The warmer weather gives me a chance to see if Maureen will consider a day out.  As it is father’s day she might want to venture as far as Nottingham to see her brother and sister. Coventry might be a bridge too far so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to visit some familiar haunts to remind me of my dad.

We are fortunate that we only need to venture into Cleethorpes to reminisce about our respective fathers: Maureen lived here as a child for a couple of years and my dad came to see us here, along with my mum, on several occasions.  So a walk on the Prom would be nice and if we called in at Kew Road, where Maureen used to live, and the RAF Club to remind us of the Rear Gunner, we would both enjoy fond memories of two good men.

Dear me I almost forgot this which I have added an hour after my intial post:


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