Dementia: Respite With A Difference

Maureen is going into Respite: she is having a break from carers coming  into our house.  We are going to see how things go by getting our home back: one of her constant pleas; along with getting her life back.

We are going to do things as a couple again rather than me scarpering to do my own thing as soon as carers walk through the door. 

Maureen has been a revelation today boosted by contact from family and her husband at last understanding what she wants.  Tomorrow’s blog will paint a very positive picture of what we have been doing today.  I must dash to stop her washing up and putting her hands in water as they haven’t healed since that fall on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Dementia: Respite With A Difference

  1. Wow! I hope the respite is successful and that you both get some joy out if it. I know Steve ended up really enjoying it despite the initial reservations. Good luck. Dominique ☺


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