Dementia: Cometh The Hour Cometh The Woman

Four women gave us excellent support yesterday. Melissa from the Home Treatment Team met me and made practical suggestions to improve our lives. Sue our Social Worker provided sound support on the phone. Mel my Admiral Nurse kept herself in the loop throughout the day with contact via E Mail.  Kate my next door neighbour taxied us to the hospital at 10pm with Maureen streaming with blood after a fall.

Melissa made two salient points in response to my concerns about our situation.  Firstly, we need a Carers Log of Maureen’s presentation to monitor the progression of her condition.  Secondly, I need to address sleep deprivation as it put my mental health at risk. The immediate steps I am taking will be outlined on my Sorting Sleep page shortly.

I have to tread carefully over the log as any management of change is problematic.  How fortunate that my Masters’ Degree is in ‘Lifelong Learning and the Management of Change’. I know that  Tom Schuller  occasionally pops into my Blog and will continue to keep a watchful eye on his student.

Maureen’s car was out of action yesterday with a flat battery and I wouldn’t have been able to meet Melissa without Mike our next door neighbours help.   Kate, his wife, came to our rescue after Maureen had tripped on some uneven pavement.

The staff at Grimsby Hospital excelled in their approach to Maureen’s treatment. She was treated with dignity and respect by all.  Apparently she has friable skin so sutures could not be used.  The receptionist in A and E summoned a taxi for us around midnight and we were home shortly afterwards.

I have just taken Maureen her first cup of tea of the morning and she is bruised but far from broken by her fall.  She is concerned that I won’t be able to go to work today: how fortunate that my battles to keep order in the classroom, as a Supply Teacher, were concluded several years ago.


4 thoughts on “Dementia: Cometh The Hour Cometh The Woman

  1. I do indeed pop in, and more than occasionally. Saying this may not be much practical help, Paul, but I really believe you’re building here a record which many people could and should learn from greatly.


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