Dementia: Super Saturday

Maureen and I had a great day yesterday with lots of exciting possibilities emerging on the horizon. She was a revelation once she had come round telling me that she had to stop feeling sorry for herself and get on with her life.  Action spoke louder than words and we were down the road by 9 am seeking advice form Yvonna our chemist about Maureen’s sore mouth.  I jumped at the chance for an early morning walk and an opportunity to return a carrier bag full of out of date medicines that I had sorted out earlier in the morning.

Yvonna chatted with us for a while: charming and informative as always.  Maureen shares my opinion of this lovely woman who is a credit to her profession always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.  Fortunately we already had Yvonna’s prescription in stock so it didn’t cost us a penny to resolve what may well be a viral infection.

We called in for milk on our return journey at a local convenience store.  As we walked home I suddenly realised that I had left the plastic box with ointment and tablets for Maureen’s sore mouth on the shop counter.  We decided to collect them later as we were bot needing our breakfast.  I also knew that Gail was imminent for a carers sit.

Gail played the game of popping in to see how we were but Maureen appeared to smell a rat.   She was clearly puzzled by Gail popping in and it was possibly a mistake to offer cake and coffee to our ‘visitor’. Later in the day I cancelled an extra carer sit today rather than feed Maureen’s concern that our home is never our own.

Maureen slept on and off for the remainder of the day.  I put her exhaustion down to  entertaining of Mala and Amba on Friday.  It is also possible that the infection in her mouth is dragging her down and I have booked her in for a review by the G P on Tuesday.  As Sleeping Beauty rested I managed to move forward on a several of fronts:

If We Don’t Use It Bin It

I continued to recycle or bin anything I came across that we no longer need.  This is something I will build into every day as we need a minimalist approach to life to make this place dementia friendly.

P C Phone Home

Throughout the day I contacted several family members and friends to discuss our options for the next stage of our lives.  This led me to realise how fortunate we are to have such a rich diversity of experience to consult with in our family.   How lucky we are to have those with both a practical and theoretical understanding of dementia so close at hand.  It is so helpful to be able to ring up people you are close to and say ‘what do you think about this idea….’ knowing that you will be supported rather than judged for being so tired that you can’t see the wood from the trees.

‘Do You Know Nana’

Johnathan one of our Grandchildren often used to hail Maureen with the phrase above.  We often use it along with his more famous ‘ Don’t ‘ike it want Bumbi’; telling us quite clearly to get E T off the T V and put on Bambi.  The young man is now a graduate and about to make his way in the world and we  have decided to entitle our book of memories ‘Do You Know Nana’.  We are going to sift through photographs to remind  ourselves of some of the things we have got up to in the last 20 years: those that have meaning will be captioned in a book others will be binned.

Walking By the Trent

I almost persuaded Maureen to have a day out in Nottingham yesterday following her early morning thoughts on doing more.  I returned to the theme a couple of times during the day and phoned to check the availability of her brother and sister in law.  I’m hoping that she has the energy to go today as seeing family will be good for us both.

Here’s hoping for a Sunny Sunday on the banks of the Trent.



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