Dementia: Getting Carried Away Again!

I’ve done it again got carried away and paid the price with a very challenging night resulting in little sleep.  I have already confessed to a silly mistake last week when I strayed into repairing a fence rather than calling a man in.  This week it’s a side-effect of the Learning The Fundamentals course that has led me to err and stray from my ways as a Care Partner.

Yesterday I spent a far too much time revising my blog and frequently checking if my modifications had been well received. This continual popping upstairs has to stop as my blog already serves me well as a therapeutic tool with the added benefit of an excellent place to seek and receive support.

My focus needs to shift to yesterday’s bewitching experience with once again someone switching Maureen’s reality at the drop of a hat (more on this in a later blog).  From around 9pm last night I was the ‘other Paul’ who emerged in Maureen’s reality without warning.  It was 4 hours later before I dared to leave her downstairs ‘waiting for her husband to pick her up’.

As always I slept fitfully in the spare room until around 4 am when I was awoken by a deafening scream.  I raced downstairs and couldn’t find Maureen anywhere and suddenly realised she had gone to bed.  My hug was well received as Maureen told me ‘she had been frightened’ and promptly drifted back to sleep..

I will continue with the Fundamentals and make minor changes to my blog but not at the expense of seeking to minimise Maureen’s distress.   My blog has already exceeded my wildest expectations as a therapeutic tool and an essential part of my support network. Sincere thanks to all who continue to help us find our own way on this hazardous journey.


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