Dementia: ‘My Wife’s A Scallywag’

Maureen was up to her tricks again yesterday playing a dastardly prank on me after lunch.  I had drifted off in the armchair as I waited for my pudding to cool.  When I awoke I couldn’t find it anywhere and Maureen was in fits of laughter.  Despite my suspicions she denied any involvement and I had to seek additional supplies from leftovers in the kitchen.

As I washed up in the evening I counted the dishes and realised that we were one short. Putting my helmet and uniform on P C 70 returned to the scene of the crime for further investigations and located the missing sweet: stashed safely beneath the coffee table.  Maureen would have convinced anyone of her innocence by then because four hours later she had forgotten her ‘crime’.

It is lovely when the ‘scallywag’ is here playing pranks on me as she often has throughout our relationship.   Her antics followed a good morning with Charlotte, who had held the fort while I went out shopping.  Maureen likes the ‘new kid on the block’ as she has a wide range of conversation and chatting about her forthcoming holiday in Mexico had gone down well.

The ‘scallywag’ also enjoyed her afternoon walk even though she would have picked up I was on her case.  I steered her in the direction of the chemist for a possible blood pressure check.  Her response of ‘I had it checked a couple of weeks ago and I don’t want to focus on it all the time’ was refreshing.  Then as we wound our way home I built in my own ‘capacity assessment’ to check on her recollection of the Green Cross Code and ability to find her way home.  From what I saw yesterday she is safe to wander but needs help to find her way home.  I reckon there is potential for improvement possibly by bringing the digital tracker into use.

The evening went well with a sandwich and some lovely singing along to Barbara Streisand.  By 8 pm Maureen was obviously tiring and declined a joint approach to solving crosswords.  This gave me an opportunity to deal with my addiction to Salvage Hunters on Quest One.  I like to see Drew Pritchard travel around the country and find hidden gems that his team breathe new life into and make a healthy profit into the bargain.  We finished off with YouTube: eventually settling for the brilliance of Victoria Wood in yet another repeat of something or other.

At 9.30 pm we were both tired and made our way to the marital bedroom.  Once in bed we tried something a little different but were clearly not on the same page and I struggled to adapt to a new position.  In retrospect I think the ‘scallywag’ was up to her antics again; trying to claim the right-hand side of the bed which she forfeited early in our relationship.

I made a silly mistake after an early bathroom call and retired to the spare room.  When Maureen awoke around 2.30 am I realised the error of my ways as ‘a stranger was now in her room and a dog was on the landing’.  Although I joined her back in our bed I struggled to get back to sleep and once again have been up for a while.

It will be interesting to see if Maureen returns to her theme of wanting a day out today.  We had a little pillow talk last night before we dropped off and she suggested visiting my mum today or even a couple of days away (just the two of us).  Things are looking up but I clearly need to avoid dropping off or that ‘scallywag’ will be up to her antics again!

Still reeling from the antics of yesterday I nearly forgot my task from Learning The Fundamentals today: to make contact with fellow bloggers.  I currently have over a 100 followers and have received loads of messages of support and suggestions to help us on our journey.  I’d best pop across their and see how many more positive contacts I can make to help us on our way or as the ‘scallywag’ might say ‘oh are oh are shiver me timbers’.

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